Development of Civic Competence through Digital Game Experiences: Perspectives of international video game designers

One of the best things of my work is having the chance of talking and learning with so many beautiful people…

In this article, videogame designers participating in amazing games (This war of mine, Trópico, Never Alone) share with us some keys on how to design game experiences that could promote civic competence.

Link to full article at Icono14 site.

University students and videogames

When doing my thesis, one of the parts that enjoyed the most was working with students and analyzing the relationship they have with games. In this article we explore what and how do the play applying some gender perspective to our study.

Full article at the Education Policy Analysis Archives site.


Back to Denmark to talk about #PlayingEmotions

Yep! We had the chance of writing and talking a little about the educational resource that we are working on at Fundación Botín. The idea is to use indie games to promote social and emotional competences and we are superexcited!

Link to Researchgate.

As always, the best part was to catch up with the folks from the IT and Learning Design at Aalborg University.

Hardcore gamers…

Honkey Tonk Woman

Gamifying Wikipedia?!

Well, my pal Angel Obregón and I, we wrote a little about the attempts made by Wikimedia Spain trying to gamify the production of content. Sort of… Enjoy.

Link to Researchgate

More proceedings…
And how good that I could catch up with Frank and Jess in Brussels in my way back :)

Opensym 2020 in Paris

Again, with Ángel Obregón we prepared some stuff on Wikipedia vandalism and university students in the field of education.

You can check it here.

It seems that I’m a doctor ;)

Keep strong

I am writing from Cort, the Public Library by the City Hall here in Palma. I am in the last stages in the process of finishing my thesis… After four very demanding years being in charge of the educational program at Fundación Botín (2011-2014), I felt I needed a break and I decided to got back to what I like the most: doing research and working on projects with teachers.

These three years have been very demanding as well, but in some ways they have been a treat. With Roci, Suvi and Diego we took Easy Yeah!, lets say from an alpha to a beta phase and last year, word of mouth, we worked with many beautiful schools and institutions (Palma Activa, CEIP Navalazarza, Colegios El Valle, etc.). Besides EY!, my main stable work sources have been CESINE and University of Cantabria. At CESINE I feel incredibly lucky for being part of a team lead by Oscar Lanza and with so talented people such as Irene Jiménez, Carmen Quijano or Bruno Ochaita, among many others. Within three creative degrees (fashion, interior, and graphic design), I have been responsible for a mandatory subject on Creativity that allowed me to explore in detail new approaches to design thinking and (even though I don’t like the term very much) the whole makers culture/movement thing. At UC, besides directing (now 5) final year dissertations, I had the chance of teaching in fourth grade my favorite subjects: Innovation and Educational Research. There I have helped student teachers to develop real projects but, more important, I have become a better researcher myself.

And yes, all that besides my thesis… I have been lucky enough to concentrate my teaching in the first semesters, so most of my progress has been made in the periods from February to August. Actually this is what allowed me to strategically place along the road, the most rewarding experiences of this process (my academic residencies in Guimaraes, Copenhagen and Luneburg). So thankful to my adorable supervisors there: Nelson Zagalo, Stine Ejsing-Duun and Mathias Fuchs.

I guess having so many diverse interests and trying to be honest with what you really like, make things a little bit more difficult… Still, I think it also makes you kind of proud of yourself. And well, now that I am in this critical and difficult “closure phase” that’s what I want to say to myself (and share it with you): Come on, Jorge. Keep strong… you are almost there.


Hola a todos…

Mañana volamos de regreso a Madrid y con puntualidad británica subimos el último capítulo de la ruta.

Estamos muy orgullosos de haber documentado toda la aventura en tiempo “casi” real y de poder volver con los deberes hechos. Mongolia, al igual que toda la aventura -pero un poco más si cabe-, ha sido increíble. Entramos por la frontera Oeste con Rusia y hemos seguido la ruta del Sur vía Khovd, Altai, Bayankhongor y Arvaikheer. Hemos acampado prácticamente todas las noches y hemos tenido la oportunidad de comer, vivir y dormir con gente en sus ger. Estos días en Ulán Bator nos han servido para recuperar fuerzas y compartir historias y anécdotas con el resto de equipos que han llegado.

Os mandamos un abrazo bien grande a todos y nos vemos en breve (a más tardar, si podéis, en la fiesta de Palma el día 5).

Recordad que todavía podéis echar una mano con vuestras donaciones al Proyecto Awajun y al Banco de Alimentos desde esta misma página.

Ya sabéis… La aventura continúa.