Set de iluminación y grabación casero para educadores

Macbook Air M1 (Unboxing, first impressions and educational uses) (Spanish)

The “game” of academic publishing (Spanish)

Talking about indie games with Peruvian teachers

We were superthankful to the Peruvian Department of Education and their project “Conectados” for inviting us to talk about games with their teachers :)

How to write a thesis (Spanish)


Contributions from Academic Experts and Game Designers to Develop Civic Game experiences

In our daily work we have the chance of working not only with game designers and players… At Aalborg University in Denmark, we carried focus groups and interviews with amazing people such as Stine Ejsing-Duun, Thorkild Hanghøj and Henrik Schønau Fog.

In this article they give us some keys to design transformational game experiences.

Full text at Aula Abierta journal

Year Walk