Life is Good (Eilts dixit)

I am writing from IES La Granja, an adorable highschool in Heras, on the other side of the bay. As part of the Responsible Education program, all the schools working with us, besides the online training they receive in the different resources that we have (music, arts, counseling, and literature), they go through a series of three face to face workshops (one each year) focusing on emotional (first), cognitive (second) and social (third) development. So, I’m in one of those with Carmen, one the psychologist that works with us.

Regarding work, -or actually the cool /funny things I do in my job- just a couple more lines… On the one hand, the Facebook hit that was my participation on the international event we organized in Madrid on Creativity and Social and Emotional Education. Raucousness power.

And now…

This post comes after half a year of no posting, so I am not sure if I have a blog anymore. It has also been a year since I started working here in Santander.

It has been a tough one. Not a bad one, but a tough one. When I reread my posts I see I have been doing an effort –I guess I’ve always done that and I guess that’s good- telling myself that everything is OK.

Probably everything is not OK. There’s an amazing song by Los Piratas, a Spanish band, called El equilibrio es imposible (balance is impossible) about the tension generated when something, whatever it is and wherever it is (life, work…), is not in the right/exact place.

Still, and I was talking to my mom about that the other day, I am pretty good dealing with that stuff. I think I have a clear understanding of life as seasons that come and go. That there’s a need of autumn for spring to rise and that winter shall come so we can surf and have fun in the summer.

This means that I am not sad, and that even though in a lot of ways I miss things -in different spheres- and specially places, as my professor Sharon Eilts says, “Life is good”. I think it also good that when facing problems and challenges  thoroughout these months I have keep strong and confident.

OK… and now the fun stuff: Trips and things. Among others: Côte d’Azur and Mallorca with Malén; Mootes 11 and La Rioja to visit Pat, but specially an amazing trip to Italy, Austria, Liechtenstein and Swiss.

And yes… of course: Caravan of Love ’11

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