Starting the engine (again)

This is my first week working at the Marcelino Botín Foundation.  Although I worked as a freelance for the creativity in education focus group, I just join the educational branch of the Foundation on a full time position. I am extremely thankful for the opportunity I have been given and I really expect this collaboration to be great for both parts. The work done by the Foundation on creativity and social and emotional development is truly amazing and I just expect to learn from them and, to the extent of my abilities, bring my experience on training, elearning and project/community management.

Such mixed feelings… On the one hand, I am very happy for coming back to my homeland (Cantabria) and catching up with all the good friends and family. It is also great to see that plenty of friends from the city 90’s scene are coming back, thinking on it, or just doing cool stuff in Santander.

On the other hand I am very conscious that I leave behind one of the most amazing working environments one could ever have. These 13 months at RIATE have been the perfect storm: The diversity on our profiles, the emotion on the projects developed, and the different personal/working stages we were at set up this big time momentum.

The best picture to explain that is the visit to Santander made by my ex-coworkers Sandra and Raúl (actually my ex-boss) for New Year ’s Eve. We had a blast with Ana and Arantxa (Caviedes rules), Alfred, the Fouz Jazz guys (@areciosmith, Íñigo, Iván and Javi) plus all the crew. Can you believe we launched Águeda with these guys playing almost 15 years ago? Now, they even talk about us on a historical perspective! (Page 190).

The party hosted by Javi Cantera at la Casa del Sol for New Year’s Eve, deserves a separate mention. I just expect the event and the vibe of the night to be representative of the new SNT days. Fingers crossed…

I truly hope you all face 2011 with energy and emotion. Just remember that is us that we will be building it up.

All the best, family.

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