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This is one of those that I force myself to write. No posts in three months is not good… I guess it has to do with the fact that I’m working hard, but still I have the feeling that I’m doing a lot of things besides work. I think it may be good to put […]

Surfing Portugal

I have just come back from Portugal. It has been such an amazing trip… Although my parents run a restaurant/motel on Jaén in the seventies and they travelled extensively with me throughout Andalusia I was really looking forward to get back to those southern landscapes. Malén and I setup the route Madrid, Seville, Puerto de […]

Chronicles of an inverse cultural shock (OK, not that bad ;))

I love my job, no kidding… Well, I mean my main job at RIATE (work in progress, excuse us). Main job as since I came back from California last summer I’ve been working for other clients such as Fundación Marcelino Botín and some schools here and there, always coaching on how to achieve change through […]